How’s life? Hope ur doin’ fine ‘coz I do. But just earlier this morning, I’m not in the good mood. Last night, I haven’t reviewed for my history exam. There’s an emergency kasi last wednesday kaya ‘di ako nakatulog ng maayos. I don’t know what to do. Umagang-umaga pa lang pressured na ‘ko. But thank God, I still managed to review my lessons until the last second. Actually, I always pray that He will guide me and give me strength throughout the day. I trusted His power to be upon me. Phil. 4:13 says that “I can do everything through Christ who gives me strength.” Astig ‘di ba? That’s one of my favorite verses. Profound!!!

You may ask how’s my exam, it’s good. I still managed to answer all of the questions although some are too general especially the esssay part. Gusto kasi ng prof ko specific. I think I failed in that part. But what’s more important is that, I did my best to finish the exam and I did it all for God’ glory.

Yesterday, was my least favorite day. Maybe because, i don’t have a nice sked. Anyway, I enjoyed it because I played fencing, and it’s a real game. I got a score of 4 out of 5, not bad for a beginner. Hehe! What’s more important with me is that I enjoy the game and I offer my victory to Christ. Well, it’s already 10:09 pm and I need to do an assignment in… oh no… math again…aaaarggghhh!!! Hehe! God bLess all of you! Bye!!!

P.S. Special mention for Kuya Ju, Dwight, Paolo, Rocel, Preci, Evy, Lester, Rod and Don and all the Freedom Fighters(clanish ba!?!). Hehe! Just wanna thank you guys for always being there for me. ML tayo bukas and Red Shirt day.(i move…)