Hi guys!

Another week has ended and I want to praise God for giving me strength to carry on everything. I really enjoy Fridays. Actually, it’s my favorite day because I only have 3 classes and it reminds me that I’ll go back home to Laguna. And I’m here in Laguna right now. Let me tell you some of the highlights of my day.

In my public speaking class, my prof asked us to write the name of the persons whom we have talked to personally within the past few days, even though they’re strangers (we just wrote their physical characteristics). I think I have less than 20 in my list. Then, she asked us to categorize those people as strangers, acquaintances, friends, or intimates. I really had a hard time to categorize those people who are close to me. I don’t know if I will put them to the friends or intimates category. To my surprise, my prof asked us if we had a hard time categorizing people as friends or intimates. I found out that it is a universal issue. She told us that there are times when the people you consider as intimates do not consider you as one. They may consider you as friends or just mere acquaintances. The way you categorize people is based on your own perception, not theirs. It sometimes really hurts when someone whom you consider as an intimate hides something from you.

I also attended the applicants’ orientation of the Eng’g Society with Jopi. I hope that I’ll be able to complete the application process because I’m also applying for the fencing club. I attended the ML(Movement Life) of CCC. I’m so blessed by the extreme fellowship and worship. And it gave me one reason to go home happily.

Thank God ‘coz He kept me, Ate Val, and Jopi safe while we’re travelling. I arrived here at 10pm. I pray that God will give me knowledge, wisdom, and strength as I review tomorrow for my math exam. For Him will always be the glory!!! God Bless!!!

P.S. Special mention ulit sila evy, dwight, paulo, preci, at lalai. Hehe! Kita kits sa Kalay sa Monday. Kwentuhan tayo ng mga ka-isssue-han ni Paulo. Lagot ka sa ‘min Pau, Haha!