How’s life! Well, I’m here at the computer shop! Medyo bangag after that mind-boggling math exam. Haaay!!! Thank God, it’s finished! But there are still a lot of things to do. I need to review for an exam tomorrow in Geog and make a paper which is due on Monday. I still need to read 2+4 chapters of my Philippines history book. Know what? When I when I entered college, history became my least favorite subject. I remember back in high school that it’s my favorite subject. I even planned to become a historian. But now, I don’t know what happened. It seems like the world has turned upside down. At least, I’m enjoying my public speaking class unlike when I was in high school. I remembered one time (I think it’s last week) when we did a choric interpretation (speech choir) in front of a gazillion people at the CAL grounds. It was a nice experience and I loved it!

I started reviewing for my math exam last Saturday. I did ‘integration’ all day (sorry to those who are not into this thing). I almost mastered the art of writing the integral sign. But thank God because I was able to remember all the techniques of integration that I practiced. The exam is 45 items and is all about integration. Preci said that I now have an ‘integrated mind.’ Haha!

I thank God because I didn’t ‘disintegrate’ after the exam. Hehe! I only have 4 hours of sleep. Kaya, pagbigyan nyo na ang ka-bangag-an ko! Hehe!

Guys, I need your prayers beacuse I feel very unhealthy today. Marami na akong utang na tulog. Please pray din for the results of my exam. God bless you always!

P.S. Sorry sa Kalay TA. I didn’t make it to the prayertime last Monday. See you again next monday, same time, same place, same TA, Kalay T.A. Astig!!!