It’s a very pleasant Saturday morning today! The week is over but as I’ve said on my last post, there are still a lot of things to do. That Geography exam was so boring and difficult. There are a lot of essay questions that I couldn’t answer. But as I always say, “past is past, let bygones be bygones!” I hope to do better next time. Anyway, I just want to share the lyrics of one of my favorite songs. Its title is Grand Scheme by Solomon’s wish. (Thanks to Stillwaters for the cd.) It’s really the song which I can relate to. Actually, the second stanza somehow reflects my own personality. Whenever I sing this song, I make it a point to sing for God because He is the center of that song. Hope you appreciate the lyrics, though I know many of you haven’t heard the song. Feel free to search it through the net. Please do comment on this song. So, here it goes…

The Grand Scheme(T. Collier, S. Fairclough)

The questions run so deep

When it’s two in the morning

I should be lost in sleep

But in my mind I am sorting

All the things that I can’t explain

Why so many suffer in pain

Where’s the answer

I hide behind a smile

But in my heart I am bleeding

I can sometimes read the crowd

And relate to their feelings

Of never knowing what tomorrow brings

And trying so hard to just believe in something


Falling down around me is a world so incomplete

It makes no sense to me

How can I compete

Except to know the mercy and comfort that You bring

Inspite of me It’s a mystery

And when I cannot seem

To keep my feet from falling

You hold me in Your peace

Here in the grand scheme

Seems we only know in part

When we’re this side of heaven

So I’m trusting in my heart

For one final amen

A day when all that’s wrong will be made right

That’s all I really need to rest inside, tonight