Whew!!! After writing my reaction paper about the great population hoax which is due tomorrow, I took the opportunity to post again after a long while. Medyo matagal na rin kasi akong di nakapag-post. The past few weeks were very tiring. Exams every week, reporting for tomorrow, panel discussion last Friday, and the list is goes on. I really don’t have much time to do the things that I wanna do like reading books and watching movies.

I really can’t find a good title for this post. You may ask why I entitled this post Angel Street. Actually, it’s the title of the play by Patrick Hamilton that I watched yesterday. It’s a Victorian mystery. I enjoyed watching it because it’s simple yet has a wonderful story. No gimmicks, no special set designs. but it didn’t fail to meet the requirements of a quality theatre production.

It’s Valentine’s day tomorrow, right? Well then, I want to greet you a Happy Valentine’s day! I pray that you will feel loved as you celebrate this day. May mga ka-date na ba kayo? Ako wala pa! Hehe! Ok lang, lagi ko namang ka-date si God. Hehe! Actually, our topic in our panel discussion last Friday was about how people from the past and from the present celebrate Valentine’s day. One of my co-panelist is Japanese and she said that in Japan, it’s the girl who gives chocolates to the guy she likes as reflected by the scenes from certain animes like Fruits Basket. There is this day they call ‘White Day’ celebrated exactly a month after Valentine’s day. During this day, the girl would wait if the boy would respond to her by giving her chocolates. It’s like the reverse of Valentine’s day. Hehe! I’d better go there!!! Hehe!!!! (joke!!!)

I hope you enjoyed reading. I still have a lot of things to do. God Bless you and Happy Valentine’s day!

P.S. Francis Giancarlo Tan Lee, thanks for visiting my site and for the dinner last Friday with Kay. I enjoyed your company. Hope it wouldn’t be the last. Sit-in ka ulit sa class namin bukas sa lagoon. Hehe!
Evelyn C. Bagawi(di ko alam middle initial), Happy Valentine’s and Happy Birthday! Enjoy the cool breeze of Baguio. Don’t forget your pasalubong for us. Pa’no ka namin babatiin? Hehe! God Bless!