How’s lyf? hehe! Just wanna let you know how happy and blessed I am that God is in my life. This was the greatest monday of my life! The date: Feb.14, 2005. Most of you may think that I’m happy bcoz its Valentine’s day and… you know! But it’s more than that. I can say that this is the greatest Valentine’s day of my life ‘coz I celebrated it with God. I really feel that I’m loved. But wait, there’s more. Last saturday, I was very anxious about the result of my Physics exam. I even hesitated to see the results on the bulletin board. I expected that I’ll get a not-so-good score ‘coz I crammed for that exam. To my surprise, the opposite happened. I’m in awe when I saw my score. There is a sudden increase from the score of my first exam to the score of this exam. And for your information, my score in this exam is so far the highest among my physics exams from the past to this very day. It’s very unbelievable. God really never fails to surprise me. I also got the result of my history exam. Know what, I also got a high score. Better than my score on the last exam. See how really God remains faithfull to me even though there are times that I have a hard time to put my trust on Him. All throughout the day, I feel like singing praises for God. That’s how happy I am! I just wanna tell every person I meet how great it is to know God. He is the God of wonders! But it doesn’t stop there. While I’m in the CCC tambayan, a friend visited me. Actually, he used to be my disciple back then. I was so surprised when I heard him call me. There’s even a dead air, I think at least 3 seconds, before we feel that we’re in the presence of each other. I asked him the reason why he visired me. He said that he’s applying for the music circle and their tambayan is just near ours. I’m so overwhelmed! Even though we never had the chance to talk with each other again, (it’s a long story why. Just ask me if you wanna know) he still calls me as his ‘discipler.’ Grabe, I can’t explain how I feel at that very moment. He even opened up a lot of things to me about his endeavors. It was a short time though but what matters is that, at your ‘almost darkest’ times, God still keeps on revealing Himself to you. His faithfullness is the source of our hope! Cge, I still have a lot of things to do. Hope you enjoyed reading this! God Bless you Always!