You may be surprised why I entitled this post like that. Just read on if you wanna know. Today is Tuesday and I’m still overwhelmed with the things that happened to me yesterday.

God really loves me. I got the result of my midterms in math. I expected that I’m gonna fail this exam because I missed a lot of points. As my prof discusses the common mistakes that we committed in the exam, Glenn noticed that our prof holds my exam paper and she uses it as a reference. I became nervous when I realized that it’s true. It may only mean 2 things: either I commit the most mistakes or I have a high score. Know what, I dared not to look at it when my prof gave my paper to me. I kept it inside my notebook and waited until I’m ready to look at it. It’s just after my Physics class, which is right after my Math class, when I decided to see the result of that exam. To my surprise, I passed the exam and it’s the highest percentage I ever had for this subject. You see that what happened here is almost the same with what happened to me yesterday. God really loves me because he never fail to answer my prayers. God’s love is so incomparable that He’s even willing to give the life of His only Son just to save us from all our sins and to enjoy everything He has given us.

I hope that you feel loved by God, too. It’s the love of God why all these things are happening to me. God is Love as others may put it. These 3-letter phrase is so short that it can be disregarded by most of us but for me, it is the greatest meaning of love.