Hi guys!
It’s been a while, right? Hehe! I’m sorry that I haven’t posted any message for a long time. I’m too overwhelmed with acads and when I say overwhelmed, I mean it. Hmmm… what can I give you know? I think I need to summarize the past few months. I’ll try my best to remember it all just for you guys! =D
A week will never pass unless I have at least one exam when the month of February came. To add to that, I also have a lot of ministry-works to do, a lot of equations to memorize, a lot of paper to work with, and a lot of speech plans to make. Each day is so tiring at the same time, challenging. Actually, I did enjoy this sem ‘coz a lot of things happened to me beside those common things I mentioned above.
This sem, I applied for the UP Engineering Society. It’s a fun experience ‘coz I really have a taste of the ‘UP org life.’
I usually stay up late every night with Dwyt, Evy, and Laila. That’s why, it became normal for me to sleep at 12mn. But take note, I always make it sure that I finished all schoolworks before I chit chat with them. We usually just talk of anything under the dominion of God. We always learn a lot of things from each other.
There also came a time when I haven’t been able to go home to Laguna for 3 or 4 weeks because of a lot of activities at school, incuding the famous/infamous UP fair.
This year’s UP fair has been very memorable to me. Since it’s my first time to be in that event, I make it a point to make the most out of it. I have a lot of fun experiences: I wall climbed for the first time, I tried the ‘octopus’ ride also for the first time, and I also slept at the sunken garden ’til morning for the first time(of course with friends).
My geography class has also a field trip at Corregidor last March 5. I enjoyed the trip since it’s my first time to be in that very historic place.
I also experienced staying at McDonald’s or at Jollibee and sometimes at Mini Stop ’til morning just to review for an exam.
What a sem!!! I thank God for His guidance, for His faithfulness, and for His strength. I realized a lot of things because of Him. Without Him, I will not be able to finish this sem right.
All for God’s Glory!!!
God Bless!!! =D