Yeah! School starts again! Aren’t you excited? Me? I’m so excited! Why? Because, I’m gonna do a lot of things this sem. Though I’m gonna take my first major subject and 2 ES courses, I make it a point to do what God wants me to do. Right now, I’m a member of the Stillwaters leadership team now and I’m quite challenged of my job as one of the leaders. It’s really amazing how God works in me these past few days. Little by little, I can makes sacrifices for Him. It was still vivid in my memory when I struggled for decision if I’m gonna attend our rehearsals at trumpets or I’m gonna attend the leadership retreat. God gave me a simple yet nice answer. I chose to attend the leadership retreat because it is where God leads me to. Really, God answers prayers! Just have faith. I thank God because He never ever left me during the boring summer days. I pray that God will continue to bless my life as I do my job as a leader of His church!