We have no classes yesterday. Too bad for the MTh classes. Anyway, I enjoyed my weekend with my family though I spent most of the time reading 10 chapters of Iliad for my world literature class. ASARRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!! I spend more time on this minor subject than my majors. We’re treated like English majors in our class. FYI, I’ve taken a literature class(literature and society) when I was a freshie in UP and it somehow instilled in me some kind of trauma. It was then that I realized that literature was not my thing. I find it hard to grasp details especially when it comes to long novels. Yeah, I love reading. But I don’t want it to be graded. Maybe, it’s one of the reasons why I shifted from an Arts degree to a Science degree. Another thing, my profs in these two literature subjects are the same person. You may ask why I took literature this sem when I keep on saying that it’s not my thing. Well, it’s just some kind of accident(you know, unexpected). I really didn’t enlist for this subject but it ‘magically’ appeared on my registration form. I didn’t have the chance to cancel it because of the lack of time. Another reason is that it’s very difficult to look for a substitute for this subject if it so happens that I cancel it. Haaaayyyy!!!! All I can do is sigh!!!!!!!!!!