I’ts really a long time since I last posted here. Haaaay!!!! Ang dami talagang nangyari these past few days. Actually, I was supposed to be reviewing for an exam right now. But I don’t feel like it anymore. Medyo tinamad na rin kasi ako. Hehe! I’m chattin’ with Dale and Jandra, my classmates at Playshop, and Romrick, my highschool friend. I really really really am nostalgic about Playshop. Just last week, my friends and I watched “Nasaan Ka Man” (take note, for free. Thanks to my sister who’s an intern at Star Cinema) at Megamall Cinema 11. I’m so glad to know that it would be shown at that cinema where we performed our showcase last May. It was really full of memories. Haaay… I keep on telling stories to my friends on how we block onstage and how do the cinema looked like when we performed. Hehe!!! Sobrang namiss ko talaga ang Playshop. I’m hoping to still make it next year.
I’m doin’ fine with my personal ministry. I’m glad that I became a part of CCC’s leadership core this year. God really wants me to serve Him more. I also handle 4 people under me for discipleship. I’m happy on how God works in my life right now. Though I have a lot of struggles (‘di naman mawawala ‘yan), He is still able to encourage me through my personal ministry and the people around me.
Friends??? I have a lot of them. That’s one thing I’m really thankful for.
Orgs??? So busy with CCC’s Ultimate Frisbee Tournament for the Freshies. No activities for Eng’gsoc so far.
Hobbies??? I think studying and reading the stories for the sake of my literature class. I don’t have much time for leisure now. Cant’ even finish “Narnia,” my favorite book.
Acads??? Well, I’m doin’ fine. I have the guts to study but I don’t have the right motivation. Haaay!!!!
I really don’t know where I am right now. But whenever I feel that way, I make it a point to always cling to God. That’s it! No questions asked.