I can’t believe that classes will be suspended for tomorrow’s SONA. Actually, I’m quite anxious of it’s validity. If it’s true, it will have a great advantage and disadvantage to me. There may be a possiblity that my exam which is scheduled on wednesday will be moved to another date. The worst case scenario is moving the date to next week. If that happens, I will have two exams on that day (7-9am and 5-7pm) plus labwork in Vector Mechanics and practicals in CWTS. I hope that this will never happen besides, who would want this to happen?
Right now, I can’t review for my exam because it’s a sunday and I’m trying to free every sunday of the rest of my life for rest and relaxation. I also want this day spent with my family. Later this day, we’ll go to the mall. Yahoooo!!!!
It’s really a difficult job for me to free my sundays. Why? Because I’m used to be busy on this day. Sometimes, if I’m not doing anything or just relaxing, I’d be anxious and look for things that can be done: schoolworks and everything. I’m not used to not doing anything on this day that’s why it’s difficult for me to make this day a free day.
That’s it!!!!!