It’s been a very busy but short week. A lot of things happen and it’s still fresh in my memory what happened in the past few days. Are you ready to go down to memory lane?….
Monday: I planned not to go to the Kalay Fellowship because I don’t feel like it. It’s not that I want to give it up but I have a lot of things to consider at the back of my mind. I need to review for an exam on wednesday, I need to review thermodynamics for next weeks exam, I need to read the book of Job for my English class, I need to finish an essay for as a requirement for an organization, I need to… I need to… I need to… But whatever excuse I make, it’s still difficult for me to leave my job as a leader in Kalay TA. It’s like God always brings me there without me knowing it. It was Him who is carrying my feet. Melvin’s words were so good. He said that “the opposite of frustration is peace.” This really struck me straight to the heart. He is right. Why do I always worry about so many things? It’s because I never let God to control every aspect of my life. I always keep on hurrying things not knowing the fact that He is in control of everything.
Tuesday: A very stressful day. My English class didn’t go well. I read the wrong set of readings. We discussed the book of Ecclesiastes without me knowing it. It was really frustrating. My Physcics class went well at least. My classmate and I were able to finish the recitation quiz ahead of time and have it 100% correct. I went back home after class and answered some problem sets as a review the next day’s exam. I wasn’t able to attend stillwaters fellowship time because I came late but I still managed to go to the student center to continue reviewing. And again, we got home too late, like 11pm???
Wednesday: The most dreaded day of the week. My exam is scheduled late in the afternoon. I wasn’t able to concentrate on my Vector Mechanics class because I was thinking of my upcoming exam. We were taught ropemanship in our CWTS class. I realized that making knots is a mind boggling activity. It’s not a game. You need to be patient and perseverant. Then the dreaded exam came, I spent almost an hour solving the very first problem. The solutions I made to the rest of the problems (hopefully) seemed quite well. I went straight back at home after the exams so that I can sleep early.
Thursday: I planned to watch Cinemalaya after class. It’s a good thing that classes were suspended after 1pm. I took the advantage of meeting my disciples so that I can have discussion with them. Ken approached me after our diuscussion and we tried to make things clear for him. I thank God for letting him have that confidence to trust me with his struggles. True friendship indeed. He took me to have merienda afterwards and then we watched together 2 of the Cinemalaya entries, Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros, and Sarong Banggi. Danj and Goya were also with us that night. We enjoyed the two films especially on how they were made, very different from usual films. Ang Pagdadalaga is comedic while Sarong Banggi is disturbing. The two films were very unique in their own special ways, so there were no point of comparison. I ate dinner alone at McDo Philcoa at 10pm and stayed there ’til 12mn to make the draft of the essay that I need to submit.
Friday: Supposedly the best day of the week. But it didn’t came out well. I wasn’t able to submit my Physics homework because of that deceiving deadline written on the problem set. This is the first time in my whole UP life that it happened to me. Anyway, past is past, let bygones be bygones. Thanks to Ate Melai for letting me use her new laptop. It’s really of great help to me. I was able to finish the essay that I keep on telling you a while ago and submit it on time. I planned not to go to ML ‘coz I wanna go home early. But the Lord intervened again, in a very perfect way. I should be leaving the CCC tambayan after giving Ate Melai her laptop. But I wasn’t able to give it to her ‘coz she’s up to something more important. Since, it’s gonna rain, I planned to go to the venue of our ML (Balay Kalinaw) with my friends in Christ. The rain started to pour out heavily. God really doesn’t want me to leave. He has a purpose why He let me stay. I wanna thank my sister for the first batch of free isaw, and Ate Melai for the second batch. Ken and Don also attended the ML. I was quite surprised of their presence ‘coz I’m not expecting it. Maybe, it’s one of the reasons why God let me stay. The theme of the ML is about being an ultimate in our acads… that’s what I really need to be. Thanks to Kuya Charles for the ultimate challenge that he left to us, “Be invloved with what God wants you to be” (Not the exact words though). I left Balay Kalinaw satisfied(not doing ‘people-fishing/pleasing again. If people thought so, I’m sorry! It’s just that I’m being the real me.) at 7:30pm with Ate Astrid and Revin.

“Parang ang bilis nang nagdaang week…” -Revin while in the MRT