After digesting the contents of my thick(2.5 inches) and heavy(5-6kg) Physics book for almost 6 hours, I’ve decided to take a break and check the web. It’s raining right now, a perfect time to sleep. But I don’t wanna go to dreamland at the moment. I just want to stay awake for the whole day.

What happened yesterday was quite an unusual thing to me. I left for Laguna earlier than expected (which means I didn’t attend the ML). The reason is that I need to do a lot of things like searching for Jesus Christ Superstar lyrics (as a requirement for our English class) and reviewing for my Physics exam (which I’m doing a while ago).

I watched the first part of Jesus Christ Superstar with my English classmates yesterday. I watched the second part here at home. I’m overwhelmed by the performances of the actors in the film. Actually, it’s originally a Broadway musical (with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyrics by Tim Rice) and I’m more interested in watching it today than when I watched it for the first time back then in grade school. It’s a great production regardless of the credibility. I think it’s quite blasphemous because of the dancing ladies. But the story is still faithful to the real thing if you just closed your eyes while the ladies are dancing. Hehe! I think this is enough for now. I’m gonna take my snack.