Hi Guys!!!
After 5 days of pressure and frustration, I finally find time to post here. I’m here at Katipunan for an overnight stay at the student center. I attended our weekly ML and take note, I dared to be one of the back-up singers for the Praise and Worship Team… Yeahbaa!!! Anyway, a lot of things happened during the past few days. I have 2 exams last wednesday and they’re scheduled at exactly the same time. Thank God, I’m not the only one in that situation. I mean I can ask help from someone and eventually settle the matter. To make things worse, we were required to take the physics exam 30 minutes ahead (6:30 am!) of the others. The exam is for two hours. We ended at 8:30am and ran as fast as we can to the Engineering Theater for the ME exam. It’s also for 2 hours, very tiring indeed. Next week, I’m gonna concentrate more on my ES subjects ‘coz I’m kinda ‘left behind.’
I wanna thank God for letting me serve Him through the talent that He gave me. And He revealed a lot of things to me a while ago during the ML. I was quite surprised of how God really wants me to be who I really am. These past few days, I feel that I’m a bit ‘away’ from God. But He is so merciful that He doesn’t want me to feel that way. He just want me to always trust Him in everything ‘coz the battle is not mine, it’s His’.