Laila left for Baguio last Wednesday night. Her friend invited her to watch a movie with her. But Laila has a different purpose. She took the opportunity to visit our ‘long-lost’ friend Evy. At first, she’s not sure if she could find Evy all on her own but with the help of friends, she has come up with an idea on how to get to her house. I was quite amazed on how faithful this friend of mine was. We usually call her the ‘Prayer Warrior’ because of her eagerness to pray. God did hear her prayers. She found Evy’s house in a quite miraculous way. I can’t imagine what happened when they saw each other. Maybe they cried together or they laughed out loud for that unusual event. But I can feel that she has mixed emotions while she’s having a great time with Evy through the messages she keeps on sending to me. Actually, I’m also having a good time with my CWTS friends while they’re having they’re own. But I made it a point to text them once in a while and ‘join’ them. I texted Evy (through Laila’s phone) that one of these days, we’re gonna meet again. Besides, I haven’t been to Baguio for the longest time. I missed the nights when we altogether pour our hearts out on the soil of the Sunken Garden. It will never be the same again without Evy. Parting ways maybe is the most difficult part for them. Maybe they cried and cried and cried and cried. Maybe, they left each other with a promise that they’re gonna see each other again very soon. And that’s not an impossible thing to happen. I thank God for giving us Laila, such a wonderful young lady. We’re so much blessed to have her in our lives. I’m assured that God will continue to bless her life and fill her heart with comfort and joy.