Or am I only exaggerating things? I’m gonna leave for Manila later at 12nn. I should be there by 2:30pm for a meeting regarding the SHOUT Concert this coming friday. I was reviewing for an exam quite a while ago and planned to stop at 12nn when it suddenly came to my mind that the trip from Laguna to Manila takes 2 hours, which means that I should cut 2 hours of my studying time. Do the math(and little inferences) and you will find out how much time do I spend preparing and deciding what things to bring and what color to wear. ME 63 is so difficult! But I’m sure that I can do all things through Chrsit who gives me strength.(Phil. 4:13 NIV) But I should be more eager to study and to learn new thngs. Needless to say, I’m quite enjoying that subject these past few days. Hehe! The topics have become easier(well, it depends on you on how to define easier in that sense) and comprehensible. I then realized that you should really take a lot of effort practicing and familiarizing yourself with the topics and the mathematical equations involved. Naks!!! Anyway, I should be preparing right now for my trip so, see yah!
P.S. Prayer Request: that the schedule of my ME exam won’t be moved on saturday ‘coz I have a camping at UPLB on that day. Thnx!