The week’s over. After sacrificing a lot of things and bathing under the fires of Engineering Sciences, I’m feeling weary and exhausted. My ES 11 exam has just ended the way I wasn’t expecting it to be. At last, I’m back to my humble abode in Laguna. I feel so at home here (well… obviously…this is my home, right?) with my family. I would always want to see my family amidst the busy schedule that I have. Okay!!! I admit it. I always say that I have a busy week but that’s my way of life, being busy, for GOD! Enough of that defensive attitude (but hey… I’m serious about being busy for God. It shouldn’t be a ‘joke joke joke’ thing… well, you know what I mean.) This week is sooo tiring because of the ES exams. I’ve spent nights studying equations and formulas and practicing how to apply them. You really need to have patience in practicing them. I always ask God to give me patience while studying, ‘coz it seems that by nature I’m a very impatient man. (but not like that typical impatient man you know…) The problem with me sometimes is that after I’ve answered one or two problems correctly, I would feel confident that I can do the rest of the problems. But I realized that it doesn’t go that way. You need to practice answering as many problems as you can. One thing I learned during this sem (and I was so thankful to God for it) is to ask questions whenever you don’t understand anything about the course. It would really be a great help if you would know how to approach your prof and ask him of the things that you don’t understand. Besides, asking questions don’t require a price as one of my profs have said. So, keep on asking until you understand, that’s my new motto. It shouldn’t stop there. You should be able to keep this understanding by practicing more and more.
As I get out of the MRT, I saw Jairus get out of that same train I was riding at the Ayala Station. I didn’t know that we’re riding in the same train. He said that the train he was riding got busted so they need to get down Buendia station and wait for another train which eventually, the one I was riding. We decided to take dinner first before parting our ways. Thanks to Jairus for helping me carry the tent that I used in the camping last week. Hehe!!! How I missed my CWTS mates. Anyway, I need to get a lot of sleep ‘coz the coming week would be another busy week. I need to make a paper on our own perspective of hell (My Own Inferno inspired by Dante) for my English class and I don’t know how to do it. I’m not the literary kind of person you know. Well, I’d better get off. God Bless!

Lord, please keep me focused on you. Please don’t let me be too overwhelmed with my acads…