The first day of this month welcomed me with 4 mind-boggling(all exams are mind boggling) nerve-wracking exams. I woke up very early yesterday, somehow feeling nervous about my exams. I really took a lot of effort to get high grades. I haven’t been able to update this blog for a while since I kept myself busy studying for my exams. I’ve spent the last week of classes(for the first sem) studying and quite isolating myself from friends. I would not be able to focus if I’m studying in their presence. This is what happened during my times of isolation:
Monday: I studied for my ES 21 exam right after physics class, headed towards the UP Main Lib after ES 11 class, studied ES 21 again and then I saw Kuya Arbie also studying for his exams. I left the library at closing time (12 midnight). I ate my dinner at McDonald’s Philcoa and finally got home at 1 am.
Tuesday: I planned to study physics even though my ES 21 exam will be on the next day. I studied at the Eng’g library after physics class with Homer. He was of great help to me ‘coz I can ask him questions about the things that I don’t know especially about quantum mechanics. I’ve spent the whole afternoon there then I went to the UP main lib at 5pm to continue studying. Danj saw me there. Kuya Arbie was also there. I went home earlier at 10pm and have dinner again at McDonald’s.
Wednesday: I studied ES 21 the whole afternoon. The ES 21 exam started at 6pm and ended at 7:30pm. I ate dinner at Boomeka and went straight back home, then studied physics.
Thursday: I’ve spent the whole day studying for physics at the Eng’g lib, the whole night for ES 11 at the UP main lib. I got home at 12:30am.
Friday: What more would you expect? I’ve spent the whole morning studying for ES 11 and asking my prof of certain things that I didn’t understand during the lectures. I almost forgot that I also have an ME exam on Saturday so, I studied for ME during the afternoon with Imay at the Eng’g Lib. I continued studying at the UP Main Lib and stayed there ’til 10pm. I ate dinner at McDonald’s again and went straight back home. I studied a little then I slept at 12mn.
Saturday: The first day of October. I have 4 exams:
7am-9am Physics 73
9am-12nn ME 63
12nn-2pm Physics 73.1
2pm-4pm ES 11

After all these things, I’m still here, alive and kicking.