After battling with four exams yesterday, I feel so exhausted and tired. The past week was so full of pressure and tension. I considered being alone by sacrificing a lot of my regular fellowship times with my closest friends. I haven’t attended the semender of Kalay TA last Monday, the same goes with Stillwaters. And I almost forgot the taste of seafood as I ate dinner all by myself. I wasn’t able to mingle with my brothers and sisters in Christ because of my busy schedule. In fact, I really planned all these things and I wasn’t surprise with the outcome. I expected that people will try to look for me and ask me my whereabouts. Kuya Julius texted me last Thursday with this message: halu bro..hop ur hvin great tym in ur quiet times.. Revin also texted me: Hoy Gian!san ka?nagaalala na kmi syo… Somehow, I felt happy when I received those messages. It just proves that they still care for me. But I’m not saying that no one really cares for me. God cares for me more. I know that God works in me during the times when I feel so tired and pressured. I’m having a good time studying in the presence of people whom I haven’t known for so long. God is my source of peace. He never fails me. When I think that failure will come my way, God always reminds me that He is always in control. God is so faithful to me. I said to myself that I need God more during these times when I feel like giving up. It is always my prayer that I will be focused on Him more than on what I’m doing. That He will free my mind and heart from wrong motives. It’s really amazing how God immediately answers my prayers. He will come up with verses written on food court menu boards and text messages from friends. Those are just two! There are a lot of ways how God answers my prayers. I thank God because He is my God. A God who can set aside all my iniquities and pour out His Great Love to me.