At last, my toughest exams are over! Thank God! But I still really need to pray for the results. Please pray with me.

Regular classes ended last Oct. 1 (the day when I have 4 exams). Since I find it hard to study at home in Laguna (because of many distractions i.e. PC, movies, TV, etc.), I’ve decided to go back to Diliman last Monday to study for my remaining exams. I spent most of my days at the Engineering library and my nights at the UP Main Library. Then the same thing goes, coming home at 12mn or 1am. The rest is history. Yesterday was my finals in ES 11. Though it’s a multiple choice type of exam, I still find some parts of it difficult. I took the exam for 3 hours (that’s the maximum time allotted for the exam). I can’t believe that I feel sleepy during the exam even though it’s a tough one. I mean, I don’t have the right to feel sleepy because it’s an exam and I need to get 100% in order to pass the course or else, I need to re-take it. But I still have a chance of passing the course if the ES profs would make the passing mark lower or if they’re gonna curve the final grades. And for that, I need to keep my fingers crossed.
After the exam, I went home and slept for a while. I got up at 2pm and then, I prepared to go back home to Laguna.

Lord, you are my only source of hope. With you, I always find peace. Thank you for your mercy and faithfullness. I pray Lord that whatever will be the result of my exams, you will make me realize that what you’ve done has a purpose. That it didn’t happened because it happened…