It was Saturday (Oct. 15, 2005). I traveled to Katipunan from Laguna to attend a meeting for the LTI. When I got there, there was no meeting. Too bad for me, my phone’s fault! (It usually receives text messages very late, like 24 hours late.) I was so frustrated when Kuya Julius told me that. Ate Flo was also there with Melvin. Kuya Ju asked me if I’ve raised enough money for the LTI. I said I haven’t. I only got 500 pesos from Stillwaters for pre-registration. The said event was just two days away by then and I haven’t raise even a thousand bucks. The registration fee is 2600php.

Ate Flo, upon noticing the uneasiness that crept in me, bought me a caramel sundae ‘to make me happy’ ‘coz she said that she’s not used to seeing me sad. Kuya Ju texted Kuya Dandy(former CCC staff) and asked him if he could give support. He texted back saying he’ll give 500 pesos. I was so thankful for that. I only need 1600 pesos. Kuya Ju suggested that I should text other CCC staff and ask help from them. I texted all of them while on my way home, even the other delegates, and asked if they can help me with my support raising. I kept on praying this prayer to God, if it is your will for me to be one of the delegates in LTI, please help me raise support. This is all I can say: GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS! Ate Jone, Ate Neri, and Ate Emmylou helped me by giving generously certain amount of money. I was so blessed by them. Before the day ended, I miraculously raised 2400 pesos for the LTI. I only need 200 pesos for the full payment. An unknown person gave me another 500 pesos the next day. Thanks so much to him who chose to be unnamed. I was able to raise 2100 pesos (excluding the pre-registration fee) in less than 24 hours. God gave much to me. I have an excess of 300 pesos from the support I raised. And for that, I made praises to the Lord. For God will always be the glory! He is so good!

The next day (Sunday) was not a nice day. I’ve found out through our school’s CRS (Computerized Registration System) that I got a final grade of 5 in ES 11(meaning a re-take of the course is needed) and a final grade of 4 in ME 63(meaning, I need to take the removal exam which is scheduled on Thursday, during the last day of the LTI). That made me uneasy. I planned not to go anymore. But unexpectedly, I still decided to be at the conference for 3 days and go back to UP for the removal exam. God was really testing me.

Please pray for me, that I would be able to pass the test that God has given me.