(Caption: LTI delegates at the dawn prayer)
LTI is over! So sad! To tell you honestly, I wasn’t able to fully enjoy my stay at Pranjetto Hills because something is bothering me (ME 63 removals). The place was so nice. The weather was perfect. The facilities (especially the rooms) were great. But the place is not conducive for studying Thermodynamics. And since my removal exam is scheduled last thursday (last day of the conference), I need to go back to Diliman earlier than the others. I was able to finish the intermediate training before I left. But I wasn’t able to make it to the community immersion/witnessing blitz which is the culminating activity for the trainees.

My travel time lasted for almost 4 hours (including heavy traffic). I was so tired when I got home. I wasn’t in the mood to study anymore but I still did. I have no choice.
I got up very early (like 6am) the next day to study and to have my removals permit signed by the department head and the dean. The exam went well. I was able to answer all the questions. But I still need your prayers for the result. Thank God, the sem is over!