Rainy days… here we go again!!!! Haaayyyy!!! Sarap matulog!!! It’s nice to know that despite all the worries, God is always there by your side to comfort you and to give you peace.

I went to Ate Jen’s place at Los Baños yesterday morning with Ate Astrid, Ate Val, Ate Mish, Ate Neri, Kuya Josh, Jopi, and Lesty Boy to celebrate Ate Jen’s birthday (it’s a post celebration though). We have a little picnic at the Makiling Botanic (take note, without the ‘al’ at the end) Garden even though it’s raining a bit. Then, we visited the Center For Philippine Raptors. Some of us spent the whole night in Ate Jen’s house. Then, we have a road trip from Los Baños to Ayala, Makati and back. Thanks to Jopi for the ride. We spent the night watching T.V., joking, and everything ’til 2am.

I only slept for 5 hours but I still enjoyed the start of the day… you know, eating breakfast with your friends. We went back home tired but satisfied of the fellowship that we had. We enjoyed (to the nth power) our stay in Ate Jen’s place. One reason maybe is the sense of closeness that we felt when we are with the company of each other. We realized that silence means a lot to us. Hehe! Can’t wait for our next adventures! See you all soon guys!!! God Bless!