I’m gonna miss the sembreak. I’ll have a retreat tomorrow with the Stillwaters people ’til Sunday. Enrollment will be on the 8th. Regular classes will start on the 9th. Back to school again. Somehow, I’m excited of the things that will happen in my personal ministry. But I’ll surely miss the days when I’m so relaxed and don’t wanna get up anymore from my bed especially now because of the cool weather. Hehe! I’m gonna miss the fun and everything.
Well, that’s college life! I need to accept the fact that there is a time for everything. Now’s the time to continue with my life(that somehow changed its course during the past semester), a life that is solely devoted to the One who created it. It is always my prayer that God will guide me in every aspect of my life. For He is the One whom I should please, not my friends nor myself.

To God be the glory!