Hi guys! I just came from the Awitan rehearsals and I barely slept. We started the rehearsals at 11pm and finished at 930am. We only have a 1 hour break and we slept for less than an hour. But it’s all worth it! Though we feel tired and sleepy, we still managed to do everything that we can do, pouring the last drop of strength that is within us. God never failed us because He was able to give us the strength that we need. Our voices were great! We enjoyed each others company. We somehow developed a sense of closeness with each other. Sleeping together on the floor, rehearsing on the bus terminal while waiting for the others, playing with echoes, drinking coffee together, playing at Tom’s World, and many others, these are the things that I enjoyed the most for the duration of our rehearsal.

We rehearsed the two songs a lot of times (that’s what rehearsals are for right?) taking note of our mistakes. It’s good too see everyone enjoying the rehearsals and encouraging each other to do his best.

We somehow feel pressured because we will be the last to perform for tomorrow’s competition (my fault actually). But this didn’t make us weary. It somehow challenged us to do our best and give everything that we have.

Guys, please pray for our performance tomorrow. By the way, the competition will be held tomorrow at 6pm at the UP theater. Hope to see you there.
God Bless!!!