in no particular order:

TRUMPETS (for taking me out of my shell)
UP CCC (for bringing me much closer to Him)
UP Eng’g Soc (for the nice company)
Awitan (for making me realize that I need to learn more)
Sir Arthur Gonzales (for accepting me in your class)
Darwin and Vincci (my co-tenors, for correcting me when I’m singing off key)
Jemy and May (for being so patient with me during the rehearsals)
Bianca (for giving me an opportunity to be a part of Awitan)
Stillwaters (for giving me a sense of responsibilty)
Kuya Ju (for tolarating my kakulitan)
Ate Vict (for the nice pictures and for sharing your food with me at world tops)
Melvin (for being in my dreams twice)
Laila (for giving me pressure every 9:30pm)
Revin (for being kind to me)
Evy (for always being there for me)

…more to come