1st place – UP Cursor
2nd place – UP Alchemes
3rd place – UP Eng’g Soc Yeah!!!!

Grabe!!!! This is more than enough for us! God has been really so faithful! It’s really worth the sacrifice. It’s a great feeling performing in the UP theatre for the first time and being victorious in the end. This is truly a remarkable event for us. Astig!!! Know what? Even though it’s our first time to join Awitan, we still made it to the top 3. Galing! Another thing that really fascinates me is the fact that we hire no professional musician to train us and to conduct us. There’s more!!! After the competition, 2 of the 3 judges approached Jemy (our conductor) and expressed their frustration. They said that it’s only because of a little change in the original piece why we got a lower score. We could have ended up as the Grand Champion of the said competition if only not for that little modification on the original piece. It just proves that we can be the best among them.

These things would not be possible without God’s guidance. Every rehearsal, I pray to God that we will be patient and we will not give up easily if we find everything difficult. We couldn’t have done it without Him. Galing talaga ni God! I personally thank God because He gave me the chance to express my faith through the prayers that I’ve made before and after the whole thing. It was really my desire to be a light to them and wow!!!… God didn’t fail me! I thank God for giving me this voice and giving me the opportunity to minister to my orgmates.

I want Jesus to be seen through me. I want God’s words to be heard by them through me. These things would be impossible if I keep on pleasing people. I should please God more than anything else. I wanna tell the world how faithful He is to me, that He answers your prayers if only you believe in Him.

Thanks to the people who prayed with me for this competition. I wanna share this victory with you. Thanks to those who watched (Revin, Dwight, Lai, Ate Shie, Jenny, Jopi, Ate Vict, Ate Melai, and Ate Astrid) and enjoyed our performance. This is more than just a dream come true for me because I let God do His work.

Thank you God! I love you!

P.S. I’m gonna miss the Awitan people. We really had a great time with each other. ‘Til the next Awitan… First Place na tayo!!! (may pressure na!!!) God Bless!!!