2005 has been a crazy yet challenging year for me. Let’s go down memory lane and reminisce the year that was.

UP Fair 2005 (sometime in February)
At last, I experienced being at the UP fair twice this year. I enjoyed the things that I did with my friends like watching concerts, riding the ‘Octopus'(twice with Glenn and Nat) and the ‘Ferris Wheel'(with Ate Ste), Rock Climbing(with Kuya Arbie, Ate Frances, and Ate Shie), food-tripping, picture-taking, etc. I experienced sleeping with friends(Evy, Jairus, Laila, Imay, Francis, Glenn, and Kay) on the sunken garden grounds during the last day of the fair. Actually, Evy and Jairus stayed awake to look after us and our things. Thanks guys! We woke up with the sun almost shinning and the walls and the rides being dismantled. Hehe!!!

UP Eng’g Soc Application (January to March)
It was my first time to join an academic org in UP with friends from CCC(Dwight, Jopi, and Junie). I came to know a lot of people and I had a good time with them especially my co-apps. I became easily comfortable with my co-apps. We had a lot of fun times especially during rehearsals for the talent’s night. The talent’s night was fun. We did a lot of ‘crazy’ things. Hehe! The Final Interview was dreadful. Actually, I cried during the interview because of pressure from the panel of interviewers. Right now, I’m a certified Eng’g Socer! Hehe!

TRUMPETS’ Playshop (April 11 to May 27)
Probably one of the greatest things that happened in my whole life. It was my life-long dream to experience Trumpets and God is faithful! I’m so grateful ‘coz I was given a chance to enroll for the summer workshops for musical theatre. I experienced a lot of things especially when it comes to the entertainment scene. Nakana!! I came to auditions, sang in front a lot of people, walked in Shangri-La in a shepherd’s costume, wore tights, etc. I made friends with people (especially with Jandra, Chelsea, Anjo, Len, Arash, Bocx, Aya, William, Cyril, BA, Chogz, Wowie, Cel, Dennie, Peevee, Louise, Rina, Leslie, Dino, Jem, Monique, and Dale. Actaully, sila na lahat ‘to!). Our schedule was MWF, 6:30pm-9:00pm at the former Little Gym, Shangri-La Plaza Mall. Sometimes, we end up ’til 12mn just to finish the rehearsals. We have a successful recital(Once Upon A Mattress) at the SM Megamall Cinema 11 last May 27. It was one of the best moments in my life, performing in front a lot of people. But my main goal why I joined Trumpets is ‘to hear well-done from the Audience of One!’

Summer Classes (April and May)
It was my first time to have summer classes in UP since I need to make up for my course. I enrolled in a 7am Math class(that’s everyday) and a PE class(table tennis at 11:30am). It was quite tiring for me to wake up that early especially after each workshop day. But I did well with my Math subject. Yahoo!!! I’m finished with all my Math subjects!!

Stillwaters Leaders’ Retreat (May 13-15)
I was challenged to be a part of the Stillwaters leadership team. I was invited by Melvin on a retreat at the Enrile property in Nasugbu, Batangas. It was fun serving the Lord at the same time, enjoying the company of fellow Christians, tasting the sweetness of the ever-beloved smores at the beach. God did reveal a lot of things to me, especially the rewards of great sacrifices.

ME 63 and ES 11 (The whole first sem)
ME 63 was the first major subject that I took. It was kinda difficult! I’m having second thoughts if I chose the right course. I ended up having a 4.00 grade which means I need to take the removals. Thank God ‘coz I was able to pass the removals.
ES 11… I’ve got a grade of 5.00. My very first singko. 😦 Sad to say, I need to take it again this sem.

I was challenged to be one of the junior core leaders as the academic year started. I made a commitment to the Kalayaan Residence Hall to be my main target area for leadership, witnessing, discipleship, and fellowship. God gave me 5 disciples this year(Ken, Don, JM, Joseph, and Mark). The difficult part is finding the right schedule for them to have bibles studies and fellowship.

Awitan (December 12)
This is my major activity for the Eng’g Week. I was given a chance to join the said activity and show UP what Eng’g Soc has got with it’s members. I’ve made a lot of sacrifices just to attend the tiring rehearsals. But you know, it’s all worth it! We ended up at 3rd place which is quite enexpected. This is the first time that Eng’g Soc has joined this competition and grabbed a place on the top 3. God has been so true to us! We really prayed hard for this competition. And God never failed us.

After all these things, good and bad, I’m still here alive and kicking! God is my strength and refuge…