Hi guys!

I’ve seen Narnia twice! The first time was on the opening day with Laila at SM North and the second time was yesterday with Melvin and friends at Shang. Lesson learned: never watch a good movie at SM North, it destroys everything. Better spend 170 pesos for quality viewing than spending 130 pesos for the sake of being thrifty. Shang has the nicest cinemas, I assure you.
A movie gets even better if you watch it with your friends. Just like what happened when I watched it for the second time. Well, I also enjoyed watching it with Laila since we watched it on the first screening day.

What can I say about the movie? Just this: I’ll never get tired of watching it over and over again. It’s just one of the few movies that made good use of film reels. Astig talaga! My emotions were stirred for almost a week because of the message that is conveyed by the movie: love requires a great sacrifice. Everything in that movie was great: actors, special effects, script, and music. I like the battle scene the most and the scene of the children and the beavers with the wolves on the frozen river.

The character whom I can relate to is Peter. Though I’m not the eldest in a brood of four, I still find myself responsible for the good of my siblings since they are all girls. Peter did everything just to save and protect his siblings. He even fought in a deadly battle with someone whom he can really trust (Aslan). I like Edmund’s character since he was given justice in the movie. Lucy reminds me of my youngest sister. Aslan was so majestic with his golden mane.

Well, the movie was not exactly like the book but the soul of the story was still there. Thanks to Walt Disney for not making it a Disney movie per se. You know, Walt Disney is fond of making their own version of the story.

I’m too excited for the release of the second movie (Prince Caspian) though the production will not be finished ‘til the end of 2006. It will be released on the Christmas of 2007 with Andrew Adamson still as the director and the four Pevensies will be back in action. Well, I’m very sure that it will going to be a big hit, just like its predecessor.