After weeks of bathing in the scorching heat of the sun, the rain finally came down. But it brought me tears more than excitement. The mere fact that it’s good to sleep while the rain is falling doesn’t excite me anymore than it was before. I’d rather watch the rain fall as if it’s crying with my heart. You know, a lot of things around me make me feel bitter, bitter than the coffee that I drink every morning. But whatever those things are, I always find peace that can only come from God.
Our Rizal class trip to Banahaw was postponed for some obvious reasons. Buti na lang because I still need to do a lot of stuff, like the prob set in ES 13 and the research report about Rizal.

TRUMPETS UPDATE: We started choreographing the opening number of Little Shop with Tr. Francis. The steps were nice with funky finger-snapping moves. Astig! Though we haven’t finished it yet, (and we still have a long way to go) I can say that we’re gonna break our legs on the 1st of June!