We did a run of Little Shop for the second time last night and this time, it’s a lot better. Before we begin the rehearsals, Tr. John reminded us a lot of things: 1. be focused, 2. be energetic, 3. keep your notes and be at the right pace while singing, and 3. be exagerated. Yes, be exagerated and do everything over the top. Know why? He wants us to feel the energy that we need to bring to the stage on the day of the showcase. We put all these things in our heads and we keep reminding ourselves of these things as the rehearsal progresses. And Tr. John was right! Our exaggerated movements, acting, and singing (in the right notes) brought us closer to the real performance. I mean it’s more than just performance level. Though at times, we forget about this energy and Tr. John needs to yell ‘ENERGY’ at us. One thing that we need to practice more is our timing during musical numbers. We need to coordinate our movements with the music, the lyrics, and with each other. Last night’s rehearsal was indeed energetic and funny even though Tr. John yelled at us countless times. Too bad, I wasn’t able to see clearly the acting of the lead characters because Anton borrowed the frame of my eyeglasses (yes, just the frame excluding the lenses so I need to take off the lenses from it!) for him to use during the run. At the end, we evaluated the run and we find it good. Tr. John told us that we are a TALENTED class. (Applause!!!) All we need to do is use our talents altogether and bring it to the stage. It’s a bit flattering you know!!! Hehe! We finished at 9:45pm (that’s a rough estimate) and I came home at 11:30pm (a rough estimate again). We’re gonna have our rehearsals again tomorrow at Shang from 1pm to 4pm and I think we’ll also have a run on Tuesday before TDR. Gosh! We only have 4 days to rehearse and we’re starting to feel the pressure of it. Prayer needed here!