It’s a sunday yesterday. A time to rest and a time to reflect. But MT-F still managed to attend the rehearsals at Shang from 1-4pm. I came first at the venue and Rigg came second with a bandage on his left eye (may sumapak sa kanya!). When Tr. John came, he started to work with each of our singing parts (at least for the people who are present at that time). He taught me how to sing my part in Skid Row. I need to sing at a higher note from now on for that part. We first did a run of The Meek Shall Inherit before doing the whole show. The rest is history! At the end, we evaluated the show taking note of the things that we still need to improve. Tr. John said it’s much much better now! (Woooohhoooo!!!) We finished 5 minutes before 4 but I wasn’t able to go home right after since my family is still travelling from Bulacan to fetch me. So I took a walk in the mall with Ton, Anton, Simone, Pam, and Nikki.