We have rehearsals last night. And we did ‘good’ but we could have done better if we just let ALL our energies burst out. A new keyboardist is in the house. Anton became one of his students at CSB last term (I guess). We have a hard time adjusting to the music since he’s still studying the pieces while he’s playing the music. Tr. Mayen Bustamante was there to watch us for the second time and to give some notes after the run. Most of us have a hard time giving out our best because of the adjustment that we need to do with the music. And yes, Audrey II is in the house! The plant (in 3 sizes: small, medium and large) that was made of foam just arrived yesterday. The large Audrey II was scary since it looks like it can really eat you. At the end, as usual, we evaluated the run. A lot of notes were given to us by Tr. Dianne. I was given two notes; one was when I got off key on my part in Skid Row and the other one was when I came too early in Somewhere That’s Green. Well, I wasn’t disappointed when I was given those notes ‘coz I feel like I’m really part of the show! Tr. Mayen gave us notes about the basics of musical theatre. She reminded us with a lot of things with our singing, acting, and dancing. And mind you, she has a lot of stories to tell about her theatre life that inspired us to do our best. She left us with this quote from a famous thespian (partly rephrased): “Without an outer technique, the actor has in no way of expressing inner life. But without this inner life, he will not be able to say anything.” Profound no!?! She said this just to remind us to use the techniques that we’ve learned from the past workshops and continue to master the craft even after Playshop. ‘Coz you know, the magic of Playshop is about to end. Aaaaaaawwwww…. so sad!!! How I’m gonna miss everyone!?!