It’s unbelievable!!! I passed ES 13 and take note, it’s more than passing! And I got a 1.00 in PI 100! GOD is so good! Thanks to those people who prayed for me. God really loves me! Galing talaga ni God! Grabe! Who would never believe in grace!?

Anyway, I just wanna give you an update about what’s happening with our rehearsals. We did a run yesterday with Tr. John again as our keyboardist. The run is just fine. It’s just that we sometimes drop our energies making us look awkward on stage. We’ll have our TDR (Technical and Dress Rehearsal) later this night at the AFP theatre and tomorrow is the Big Day!!! So you better watch us guys! And we need your prayers! The Big Day just means one Big Thing: Playshop 2006 is over! Mamimiss ko sila lahat!!!