We have a good run yesterday during our TDR at the AFP Theatre. The theatre is just right, not big as what I’m expecting it to be. It’s smaller than UP theatre. Anyway, we have a good time during the run yesterday. We started at 8pm and ended up at 11pm. And all of us were dead tired right after. Since we are the last class for the day to do our TDR, we managed to evaluate the show and highlight some important points while we were resting onstage.

It’s difficult adjusting your blocking on a new stage. You really need to see to it that you can’t harm anyone or destroy the scene when making your move onstage. So Tr. John needs to interrupt us from time to time for us to adjust in our respective spaces. We also have a hard time with the lighting design. Personally, I don’t like the lighting techniques that the techies are using. Our lapels are working properly but I was disappointed when the techies didn’t put it on when I was about to sing.

We did some ‘backstage blues’ during Git It! We danced with the music doing our own choreo while James and Anton are singing onstage. Tr. John will gonna be our keyboardist on the show itself. Yahoo!!!

I came home past 12 and I was so dead tired. I only have 7 hours of sleep. I woke up this morning nervous because the show will be later this evening. Call time will be at 4:30pm later at the venue.