Cast Party at Teriyaki Boy Eastwood right after the show.
We’ll all miss each other!

What a show!!! We’ve made it! MTF had a blast last night! Wooohoo!!!! We did a great show! Everyone has been captivated by the people of Skid Row. Astig!!! We were more than thankful to God for giving us strength, energy, and passion to put up this show on the stage. Thank you Lord!!!

We had a little party at Teriyaki Boy Eastwood after the show with some of us still have our make-ups on. We have our last group pictures taken there. We’ll surely gonna miss each other, but were planning to have a reunion on Mariel’s debut on September. So, this is not goodbye yet. I have them write farewell messages on my yearbook and voila… my yearbook became a slum book! Haha!