At last! A long weekend! The only thing that I look forward to every first sem! Hehe! God was so good to me because I have no exams next week which means, I can enjoy the long weekend basking in relaxation. This is the Life!!! I went to the Acoustic Jammeng’g last Friday with the PSME-UPSU pips after ML since I’m craving for a ‘night life!’ Yeah! I realized that I deserve a break after a week of battling with stresses (as in NORMAL and SHEAR stresses… sorry for those who can’t relate especially non-eng’g students. hehe!). I had a fun night! And for that, we came up with a new motto/tagline: PSME forever!!! We spent the night singing and playing billiards at Uncle Tats Kalayaan Ave. I went home at almost 4am then I woke up at 9am for a meeting with my beloved Stillwaters family. We celebrated Celso’s birthday after the meeting. And since it’s his birthday, we gave him a chance to ask the most dangerous question that he can ask to each of us. And my fingers were crossed as he started asking us one-by-one. Just to make the long story short, he revealed a lot of things about me. So I was like the ‘star’ of the day, with the most controversial issues. Parang naging showbiz talk show yung birthday ni Celso. Grabe talaga itong batang ‘to! ‘kala mo tahimik pero nasa loob ang kulo! Then it’s a Sunday! I actually don’t have a plan of what am I gonna do today. So I watched a movie instead. The title was Raise Your Voice starring Hillary Duff. I like the movie because it was all about music and I can easily relate to the characters. Aaaaaawwwwwwww…. And music somehow became my way of life ever since I entered that musical theatre job. I was so inspired by how Teri (Duff) dealt with the pressures of being a music student. She’s struggling yet surviving! Tomorrow’s the last day of the long weekend. So I’m planning to go to Tita Rachel’s house for a movie marathon and to see their new dog, Rugrat.