After that quite enjoyable plant visit in one of the most prestigious companies in the world, I feel so exhausted and tired. It seems like I don’t wanna do anything more. This week has been so tiring. Exams, pressure, pressure, and more pressure. Now I can call myself a CERTIFIED STRESS AND PRESSURE ABSORBER!!! The world is falling on me! By the way, it’s 1:22 in the morning, Oct. 14, 2006 and I’m here with Leah, Mon, Lester, Jeff, Imay, and Allan at ALVA internet shop, PHILCOA. We’re just wasting our time after that quite enjoyable trip to Batangas.

Imagine taking a major exam while someone’s texting you to meet with her immediately to collect payment for renting a van.

Imagine thinking of how you can budget P3500.00 for a plant visit, P2500.00 should be spent for the rent of the van and the remaining P1000.00 will be spent for the diesel. ‘wala pang pang-toll yun…’

Imagine being ‘rebuked’ through foul language by the department chair of one of the engineering departments in UP because you failed his exam.

Imagine doing a take-home exam without knowing anything about the subject and all you can do is copy like crazy from your classmates.

Imagine being deprived of one of your passions in life because someone thinks you can’t do it well and you he needs to place you somewhere else, somewhere he thinks you belong.

Imagine getting a failing mark for an exam in which the coverage was not discussed well.

Imagine doing things on your own and no one’s there to help you.

Imagine spending a long time in front of the computer doing nothing but blurting your heart out.

Imagine eating your favorite food while your tooth aches.

Imagine studying for an exam and there’s nothing in your mind but the exam after that.

Imagine spending P1500.00 per week and you don’t know where did it all go.

Imagine… Imagine…