I have a hard time organizing my thoughts now. I’ve been experiencing a lot of struggles these past few days so I don’t know how to/what to write in here. Well, I’ll just try my best to tell you some things that run through my mind.

I realized that I can stay up the whole day without craving for food if I didn’t ate breakfast.

People would NOT love you even though you are dying to help them and keep them company.

No one in this world ever treated me as a bestfriend.

I’m dying to have a bestfriend.

Attachment can lead to loneliness, bitterness, and frustration.

It’s better to be alone than being with someone who truly doesn’t care.

Don’t try to tell someone everything about your life. It might kill you.

Ayoko sa mga pilosopong tao.

Don’t wish to get close to someone who tries to help you with your struggles. It might lead to attachment.

Bawat tao ay may bias.

Don’t misunderstand friendship.

People closest to you won’t bother asking you how you’re doing.

It takes someone to bridge the gap between two persons.

Magastos mag-overnight sa bahay ng isang friend.

When someone says he cares for you, he really doesn’t mean it.

I’m a loser from the very start.

People will love you not because of your kindness but because you are good at cracking jokes.

Don’t try to reunite with someone who hurt you so much. You would just end up being dumped. ‘Wag nang magpaka-martir.

I’m starting to believe that true friendship doesn’t exist.

Words are not enough to please someone.

No one would celebrate with you on your birthday. Marami lang mag-eenjoy.

People would never really trust you.

Walang kakausap sa’yo pag tahimik ka.

Waking up is harder if your room is very dark.

People would try to change you to make you a better person. Gian, mas-bagay sa’yo yan kaysa sa pink..

People would really die to intimidate you. Keri lang.. ‘Wag ma-intimidate…