A very frustrating week that was! I realized I’ve been making the wrong decisions which led me to one hell of a roller coaster ride. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! I hate making wrong decisions (everybody does). But what frustrates me most is the fact that I can’t make my own decisions. I still need to depend on other people regarding the decisions I’m making.

Finals week is just around the corner. But my mind is still struggling on what to think first: summer classes, TRUMPETS, CM 2007, OJ Bicol, CRS, subjects I’m gonna take next sem, disciples, etc. Take it easy man, one at a time! Yeah right!

I didn’t win in the PSME-UPSU elections. But I still want to thank those people who supported me:

Neil, you’re truly my best friend. Thanks for nominating and trusting me for the job. I’m sorry I didn’t make it. But you would still love me as your friend anyway. Haha!!
Kuya Ju and Rai, you’re the best of the very best! Salamat from the bottom of my heart to the ends of the universe. Wahahaha!!!! Love you both!!!
Imay, thanks for the challenge. You made me realize that what I have is not yet enough.
To the members who respected me well enough with my visions and listened to what I’m saying during the GPOA presentation, Thank you! Hope you would still continue to trust me, as an orgmate at least.
Benj, Joseph, Ken, JM, Patrick, my beloved disciples, thanks for your prayers! You’re my refuge in this power-driven world. Love you all!!!

I think I’m OK now. I’m starting to see changes in my emotions and perceptions about relationships. I still believe that I was made to be a relationally-driven person. I just need to accept the fact that I was made to pursue people. Thanks to those who helped me get out of my bondage to my struggles. You know who you are. Thanks to my God who willingly carried all my burdens.