After a week of overwhelming “stresses and strains,” my semester officially ended yesterday after my ME 186 exam. Wohooo!!!! Thank God!!! Let’s celebrate!! Though I still need to pray for the result of my exams.. Waaaahhhhhh….. The exam yesterday was not easy. But I did my best naman for that. Haaaayyyy… Lord Help!!!!

I woke up at 9:35am this morning. Got up suddenly after I read Precee’s message. I realized that there’s no time for celebration yet. I still need to coordinate with CCC for the upcoming Operation Jabez which will happen in Bicol during the Holy Week. I was assigned to plan the program for the MY HOPE film showing. Precee asked me to email the comment sheets to her. As you know, I haven’t started planning/organizing the film showing yet because of the gazillion lessons that I need to study during the past week. I asked Lester (my roommate) to help me with the comment sheets. So, we tried to do it translating the original English version comment sheets to Tagalog. Thanks Lester!!!

I’m still not sure if I’m gonna come to the OJ though. Playshop will start on the 3rd of April and it would overlap with OJ. Aaaahhhhh…. I don’t know what to do. Lester asked me if I’m gonna come but I haven’t given him a nice response. I’m still not sure. Waaaaahhhhhh…. And I haven’t prepared yet for the song that I’m gonna sing on the first day of Playshop!!! Waaaaaaahhhh… I thought it’s over!!! There’s also a Stillwaters Leaders’ retreat on the 8th and it woul overlap again to one of our workshop days at Trumpets. I was also invited to join the semender of PSME-UPSU and UP Eng’g Soc this coming weekend and their schedules would again overlap. Haaaayyy… I don’t know what I’m gonna do. Help needed here…