PRAISE GOD!!! I passed ME 153!!! Hahaha!!!!

TRUMPETS will start tomorrow. Kinda nervous because I haven’t prepared well for my song talaga. And mind you, I heard that my teacher is going to be Sweet Plantado-Tiongson of The Company. She’s also one of the teachers in Pinoy Dream Academy. Nakakakaba!!!! Please do pray for me guys! And by the way, I’m gonna sing Stars from Les Miserables.

I’m missing my friends so much. Waaaahhhhh…. Still need to endure two weeks of boredom here in our Laguna house. Haaaaayyyy…. Miss ko na sila Dwight, Laila, Kuya Ju, Rai, Eki, Ate Flo, Melvin, Kuya Dennis, Emman, Celso, Paulo, Ken, Joseph, Benj, JM, Revin, Lester, Kuya Oey, Bestfriend Neil, Leah, Imay, Kalay TA, Stillwaters people, CCC people, PSME people, and Enggsoc people. Basically, I’m missing everyone. 😦

Hope to see you soon guys!!!!

Have a blessed Holy Week!!!