I stand to be corrected… Our teacher in MT-G is Mr. Jaime del Mundo, (not Ms. Sweet Plantado-Tiongson) the man who brought you Little Mermaid, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and Pendragon.

Last Tuesday, I was surprised when I entered the workshop room at The Podium. Seeing Mr. del Mundo distributing the ID’s and my classmates who seem like they’ve known each other for so long send chills to my bones. I haven’t been in an intermediate musical theatre class before and I feel like I’m the only one left out. I mean most of them have been in workshops together for 2 or 3 years. I know 1 person in that room. She was my classmate in Playshop 2005. But that fact still didn’t make me comfortable enough to talk to them. I said to myself that I’m gonna have a hard time relating with them. ‘Oh no!!! It’s gonna be bad class for me!!!’

But you know what? I did have fun with these people though I haven’t talked to most of them much. (It’s the first day of the workshop, what do you expect?) Hearing their stories about their Playshop experience made me feel that I’m welcome. ‘This is where I belong!’ Thanks to those people (Kevin, Athena, and Jiggs) who first approached me and introduce themselves. I remember Athena and Kevin so well because I saw them perform in Wicked last year. I’ve got the chance to talk with Jiggs. Thanks to Kevin for breaking the ice between us. It’s not a bad class after all!

We had a little discussion about the history of musical theatre and we also watched a documentary and some live Broadway performances. Sir Jaime told us in the end that we’re all about Broadway and we have to let the things that we’ve learned that day to sink deep within us. We haven’t done any workshops yet but I can sense that this is gonna be a great Playshop experience for me!!!