So yun… It’s like I’ve been out of reality for a while. Second sem didn’t end very well. Hay nako.. eto na naman ako… Medyo hindi maganda ang start ng summer break dahil sa ME 186. Pero keri lang.. Kaya yan… So how did I spend my two-week break? Know what? During the first day, I feel like I’m gonna get sick dito sa Laguna. I really miss UP and the people there. I keep on texting people saying I miss them so much. There’s nothing much to do here talaga. In UP kasi, you can walk around the campus, jog along the acad oval, lie down on the sunken garden, feel the fresh air, or just do nothing. Basically, you can do anything that your good heart wants to.

Here’s my daily routine here in our house: wake-up at 8am; eat breakfast ‘til 9am; go online ‘til probably 12nn; take a bath then lunch ‘til 1pm; watch LOST or any other movie ‘til 4pm; go online ulit ‘til 7pm; dinner ‘til 8pm; go online ‘til 11pm; take a shower then do quiet time (probably); then sleep at 12mn.

Ayun.. Boring ‘di ba? Haaay.. Well, I got used to it na rin after 3 or 4 days. I feel like I’m not a student anymore. I tried not to think of acads muna as it may spoil the summer break. Besides, I’ll be off to UP again in two weeks time. Well, I kinda enjoy what I’m doing here in our house since I don’t need to think of acads. And my niece is going to live here for a while. So we have a baby in our house. I enjoy playing with her and carrying her inside the house. She’s so cute… My heart melts whenever I see her smile. One thing’s for sure, I’m gonna miss my little niece so much pagbalik ko sa UP. Haaayyy… So yun… Parang andami nang nangyari after 5 days.

Tapos I have this Musical Theatre Workshop (again) at TRUMPETS. Ayun… Yesterday is our second workshop day. Mind you, it’s better than the first. Wohoooo!!! I think this is the largest musical theatre class I’ve ever attended in my entire ‘theater life.’ We are 27 all in all!!! Whoa!!! Imagine that. I enjoyed the workshop activities so much especially when we do it by pairs. We can have the chance to know our classmates better if we do it that way kasi. So our efforts paid off. I mean naging ice breaker yung mga activities na ginawa namin yesterday. Haha! And I would like to commend Kevin for good focus during the workshop. Haha!!! Got the chance to pair up with him twice. Haha!!! Kulit!!! We also read The Nativity and watched it on DVD. But before that, we have a little discussion about Shakespeare and some of his works. Grabe… Literature nanaman ‘to… Waaaahhhhh!!!! Anyway, we read an excerpt (Prologue) from Sir Jaime’s favorite Shakespearean play, Henry V. He managed to explain the story behind that excerpt. So nosebleed nanaman ‘to??? Waaaaahhhhhh!!!! Tapos ‘yun… We had a group activity in which we are to represent some parts/lines from that excerpt in 2 or 3 tableaus. Haha!!! We enjoyed doing our tableau and Sir Jaime shouted VERY GOOD!! after our presentation. Whoa!!! Astig!!! Imagine those two words coming from one of the musical theatre giants here in the country. Haha!!! Praises to God pa rin syempre!!!

Tomorrow is the start of the summer enrollment in UP. Jepoy took a survey through SMS asking us who we want to have as professor in ME 154 this summer. Haaayyy.. I really don’t want to take ME 154 muna this summer because it might spoil everything. I haven’t got the chance to talk to my classmates regarding this matter (and I really don’t wanna talk about it). So I’m gonna be back to UP on Monday for the first day of classes. Woohoooo!!!! Pero syempre, I’ll miss my stay here in Laguna. I’m gonna miss my family the most. Haaayyy… Enjoy the rest of the break!!! God Bless!!!!