Enrollment kanina sa UP. Ayun… There’s this ‘newer’ and ‘better’ procedure for enrollment this summer. What??? Ano naman ang pinagbago? Actually , wala!!!! Pipila ka pa rin ng napakahaba. Imagine, pipila ka sa computer center just to enlist/cancel your subjects then you’re the one who’s also gonna print it. Haaaayyyy…. Nothing better about this new scheme. There are still a lot out there who’s dying just to get a slot in the course that they want to take. Eto pa, you can never access the online enlistment site outside DILNET, which means that you really need to make pila dun sa computer center. Grabe!!! Sobrang hassle!!!

Well I think I’m more blessed. Got the chance to get the subject that I want through CRS. Wooohooo!!! Praise God!! All I need to do is to have my registration materials checked by the college and then have it assessed by the department secretary tapos ayun… tapos na! I think we really have no chance na of getting ME 154 this summer. No one would teach us kasi. It’s a good thing though for me. If our petition for ME 154 was approved by the department, I have no choice but cancel one of my enlisted subjects (‘eto yung part na pipila ka sa computer center… Waaaahhhh!!!) and substitute ME 154. And I don’t want that to happen. I really don’t feel taking ME 154 this summer ‘coz it might spoil everything lang. Ayun… Vermont just texted me asking how many GE subjects are we required to take. Maybe he’s gonna enlist a GE course na lang instead of ME 154. So wala na talagang ME 154. Astig!!! Praise God! Pero Jepoy’s asking if Sir Ibañez can handle the ME 154 class this summer, kahit 5:30-7:00pm daw. Whaaaat??? I mean is that a joke? Who would want to take that class at that time huh huh huh? And I won’t be able to attend that class because I have TRUMPETS at 5:30pm. Hay nako… Sana lang talaga ‘di na ma-approve. And I think some of my classmates will take the summer internship instead.

We have our script na for the first part of our showcase in TRUMPETS. We read it na kanina with the musical numbers. The title is THE GIRL WHO WAS PLUGGED IN. I still don’t know what’s the title of the second part. So parang we’ll have two musicals in one. Astig!!! Before that, we have this workshop activity in which we were given 3 words and we’ll use it to tell a story. Kevin, Cristine, and I were groupmates and our words are steam roller, intestine, and whale. Kevin’s got all the idea. Basically, I just did the acting. So the story is that I’m swimming on a vast ocean then I saw a whale and it ate me. Then inside the whale, I realized that I’m in the intestines then I have this cellphone (waterproof maybe) in my pocket. I called for help and asked for a steam roller to come for me to be saved from the whale. Then I was saved. Yeah!!! We did those things using only our bodies and the 3 words we were given. Mind you, the whole class and Sir Jaime liked it so much. Haha!!! Praise God!!

God bless you!!!