Waaaahhhh… Don’t know how to use Microsoft Office 2007!!! Ayun.. I need to save files pa naman from the FOPC yahoogroups. Haaaayyyy…. I’m so tired.. Sobrang inaantok ako kanina sa Envi Sci 1 class ko. Good it was a film showing lang. But I need to make a reaction about the film that we’ve watched. Kakatamad talaga. We have Machine Exercise kanina in our Computer Programming class. I woke up early this morning praying for it ‘coz the concepts are too difficult. And ang hirap nga ng machine exercise kanina. We’re required to make a computer program that simulates an Electronic Ten-Pin Bowling Score Board. Yikes!!! I really don’t know what am I gonna do with it. I keep on asking my seat mates on how to do it. Pero ‘di ko pa rin magawa. So I just talked to God and said that I can’t do it. It’s like I’m anticipating the fact that I’m gonna fail that machine exercise. So I lifted it up to Him. Tapos biglang nag-brown-out! Yeah!! But no time for celebration yet. I’m not sure what will my prof do with our unfinished programs. A lot of us kasi failed to save our programs. So I don’t know what God is planning to do. Pero I would love it if our prof will give us a new exercise tomorrow, preferably an easier one.

So much for ES 26. We rehearsed POP! FLASH! kanina sa Playshop. It was sooooooo tiring. That musical number is super demanding. We need to execute sharp movements kasi and at the same time, we need to sing properly. Tr. Jaime gave us some instructions while doing the choreo. Dun sa part namin ni Patrick, he told us to do our choreo 5 times straight. And dapat big and sharp yung movements. Because of that, sumakit mga binti ko… as in… Waaaahhhh…. Daig pa ang nag-jog ng 5 times sa Acad Oval on a nice Saturday morning. Ang hirap tuloy umakyat at bumaba sa MRT kanina. Haaaayyy… Ayun… But I enjoyed the rehearsals nonetheless. Weh… God Bless you all!!!