At last, summer classes are over. YAhooo.!!!! Praise God for a challenging yet awesome summer. And the rainy days are in. So sad I wasn’t able to go to the beach this summer. I missed two family outings this summer just because of exams and Trumpets rehearsals. Thank God the Freshmen Orientation Program Committee is over na rin. Hay salamat!!! That activity really drained my energy and patience to the last drop.

We did two rehearsal runs of our show last Thursday. Tr. Jaime’s friend, Ms. Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo (one of the endorsers of OLAY) was also there to watch our runs. Indeed, we had a fantastic 2nd run. Praise God! Tr. Jaime told us afterwards that we can never go back, we can only get better on our next runs. We had our last 2 runs before TDR this morning at the Podium. We were there 2 hours before the mall actually opens to run the show twice. I was so tired after the rehearsals kanina. Tomorrow is our TDR at the AFP and Tr. Jaime told us that everything, especially the blocking, is going to change since we’ll deal with a bigger stage.

So there… Hope you can watch our show on Monday!!! God Bless!!!