Praise God for a very energetic showcase!!! MT-G rocked AFP!!! yeah!!! Pati mga sundalo sumuko! Hahaha!! We did a FANTASTIC show! Grabe! Hanggang ngayon na-ooverwhelm pa rin ako sa mga nangyari last monday. Super fun yung show and the people who watched liked it so much. To those who watched, thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Your the greatest audience ever! And of course, who would forget our very creative, and intelligent director Tito Jaime del Mundo? You rock Tito Jaime!!! Thanks for all the things that you’ve taught us. We would treasure every word that you’ve said and we promise to hone our talents ’til our next showcase. Now we know what wa wa means. Haha!! We do hope to see you again next summer and do Miss Saigon, The Sequel! Hehe!!

Well, the sad part is Trumpets Playshop is over. Haaaayyy… We haven’t got the chance to have dinner after the show ‘coz everyone needs to be with their families. Aaaaawwww…. Actually we have a cast party dapat yesterday pero ‘di natuloy dahil maraming ‘di pwede. So yun… Actually some of us are planning to have the overnight cast party this coming friday pero mahirap maghanap ng bahay kung san pwedeng mag-overnight. And a lot of us are busy with some other things. We find it hard to plan kasi hindi magkasundo ang mga schedule namin. In the end, we’ve decided not to go with the overnight party at Maverick’s house in White Plains. Sobrang bitin pa naman ang summer ngayon.. But some of us are planning to meet this coming saturday for a bonding activity. Lunch na lang and movie kung hindi talaga pwede ang overnight. Haaaaayyy… We’re planning din to got to EK then stay in a cheap hotel sa sembreak. Pero I doubt na makapunta lahat. Baka wala na rin sa momentum ang iba. Haaaayyyy…

As much as I want to enjoy the rest of the summer break, I can’t dahil ‘di na tuloy yung overnight cast party. Sobrang nakaka-frustrate. Haaaayyy… That’s it for now! God bless you all!!!!