This is it… Enrollment for the First Semester AY 2007-2008 has begun. Actually parang ayoko pang mag-enroll. Medyo nakakatamad pa kasi… Ahihihihi!!!!

7:30 AM: The bus ride to the MRT Magallanes Station was a bit longer than usual. I don’t know why and it kept me wondering up to now since the traffic early this morning at SLEX is so light. Maybe I was just so enamored with Jars Of Clay as I listen to their songs. Well, I really don’t know…

8:00 AM: Anyway, Jairus was there at the line when I came in the station. So malamang, nagsabay kami na sumakay sa MRT. I miss this guy so much because we use to have Bible Studies together when we were still ‘kids’, back when we are still in our sophomore days in UP. We’ve known each other for 3 years now. So yun.. kwento kwento about the summer and the enrollment and everything. Then we parted ways pagdating sa Eng’g.

8:30 AM – 10:00 AM: I was shocked when I saw the long lines at the ME dept. Gosh!!!! Ganito na ba karami ang ME students sa UP? Usually kasi hindi nagkakaroon ng mahabang lines dahil konti lang naman kami. I think the reason for this is the lack of faculty members who would pre-advise the students. Then I realized that my batchmates were not yet there so I was kinda ‘scared.’ I mean ako lang yata ang pinaka-matanda dun. Grabe!! 5th year na pala ako!!!! Thank God Kuya Ralph appeared from out-of-the-blue then Kuya Ronald came after. They are not my batchmates actually but at least may kilala na ako ‘by heart.’ Haha!!! Then Jeff and Alex came followed by Imay, Leah, Jayson, Andrew, Antony, Allan, and my best friend Neil. Grabe! Na-miss ko silang lahat!!! Well, it’s good to be back!!!!

10:00 AM – 12:00 NN: Most of us are having problems on what major subjects to take this sem. We’re supposed to get ME 183, ME 143, and ME 154 this sem because there is a great possibility that those subjects might not be offered next sem due to the same reason why there are long lines at the ME dept. Our big problem is that ME 143 and ME 183 has the same timeslot. Yikes!!! So we asked our dear professors if they can move ME 143 to another timeslot so we can get the two subjects. Our bigger problem is that most of the students enlisted in ME 143 are not willing to move it to another timeslot. Haayy nako... It seems like some of us woudn’t be able to graduate on time, that includes me. We made petitions after petitions but nothing happened.

12:00 NN – 1:30 PM: Knowing that we can’t do anything about it anymore, we’ve decided to take a break and have lunch. We decided to eat at the Shopping Center (SC) na lang since the college cafeteria is already full at that time. But the same thing goes at SC. Some of us didn’t take lunch anymore and satisfied themselves by just drinking fruit shakes. Neil and I decided to eat somewhere else and we ended up at Lutong Kapit-Bahay (LKB). LKB is also jammed but thank God, we got a table for two. after eating, went back to SC to meet the others but they were none to be found. The two of us walked our way to the ME dept since we all decided to meet there after lunch. While walking, Neil was making kwento about how he spent the summer. He told me that most of his barkada (who are in a 4-year course) graduated already. There’s only three of them in their barkada who are left in UP. Aaaaawwww.. I’m sure my bestfriend misses them so much. Haha!! Well, according to him, the good thing is that no one would ask him to make libre.

1:30 PM – 2:00 PM: We still have high hopes that our petition will be approved so we stayed at the department for a while. Pero napagod na rin kami sa kahihintay kaya umalis na lang kami.

2:00 PM: We got our form 5’s and filled up the ESC and RegCom survey forms. It’s good we don’t need to pay PhP10.00 anymore for the Logscript (college newsletter). We all parted ways after getting our form 5’s except me and Leah.

3:00 PM: Leah and I went to the CE department. She canceled her slot in her CE 22 class (because it’s in conflict with one major subject) and Allan, who also happened to be there, got the slot Leah canceled. I also want to get a slot since there are no more conflicts with my schedule. So I got my name written on the enlistment priority form and waited for my name to be called. Since this would take at least 30 minutes for me to get a slot (well, that’s life here in UP), I told Leah that she can leave me there since she’s got a lot of things to do. I waited for 30 or 40 minutes and my name was called. Whew!!!! Praise God! I got a slot!

3:30 PM: Time to go home. Took an MRT ride to Ayala Station. Since I still have a lot of time, I managed to walk inside Glorietta and have a little sightseeing there. Before I board the bus to San Pedro at Park Square, I bought a waffle and an iced tea to satisfy my cravings. Hehe!! Got home at 5:30 PM. Tomorrow is another day of enrollment… another day of chances… another day of hopes… another day of dreams…